Function freya_components::Link

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pub fn Link(__props: LinkProps) -> Element
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Similar to Link, but you can use it in Freya. Both internal routes (dioxus-router) and external links are supported. When using internal routes make sure the Link is descendant of a Router component.


Inherits the LinkTheme theme.


With Dioxus Router:

rsx! {
    Link {
        to: AppRouter::Settings,
        label { "App Settings" }

With external routes:

rsx! {
    Link {
        to: "",
        label { "Freya" }


For details, see the props struct definition.

  • to : IntoRoutable

    The route or external URL string to navigate to.

  • children : Element

    Inner children for the Link.

  • onerror : Option<EventHandler<()>>

    This event will be fired if opening an external link fails.

  • tooltip : Option<LinkTooltip>

    A little text hint to show when hovering over the anchor.

    Setting this to None is the same as LinkTooltip::Default. To remove the tooltip, set this to LinkTooltip::None.